Minecraft 1.14 crashing!

Every time I try to play Minecraft on my PC it just reboots. It only happens with Minecraft 1.14. It works perfectly fine when I launch Minecraft 1.13. I thought I had something to do with intel not supporting VBO but all my hardware is fairly new. I have new Intel i7 8700K CPU and a Geforce GTX 1080 GPU. Do I need to upgrade one of these?

On crash I would see error “Failed to write the core dump. Minidumps are now enabled by default on client versions of Windows 10” and some strange stopcode.

Does anyone know what in the world could be causing this and how to fix it? I just wanna play. I should also note that it will let me play Minecraft 1.14 once in a while. I’ll be able to play for a couple of hours and it will crash or ill close the game, and when I try to launch it to start playing again it wont work anymore.