Bored much? Minecraft time!

The lockdown is still there and I’m bored out my mind. Then I started thinking, what if I started playing Minecraft again? What a great idea, I was just checking out Minecraft servers and I found out that a lot of things changed in Minecraft world since I was last playing online Minecraft servers. Not that I was playing Minecraft offline, but singleplayer mode was never a way to go for me.

I was checking out random Minecraft servers I but and I found out that Survival and Creative servers are still a thing, but I wanted to try something new so I joined Skyblock server, cry I know but since there’s nothing better to do right now and I can’t really go outside I might as well give it a try lmao.

Kinda makes me wonder, I’ve already joined some Discord channels of a few Minecraft servers but I’m thinking what is everyone doing and playing nowadays. I kinda went back to Minecraft servers because I enjoyed them in the past but I usually prefer games like GTA, well actually anything with cars haha. Anyhow, feel free to let me know what you’re up to and if you have any good suggestions or servers.