Getting back into minecraft

With the whole quarantine business going on right now, I’ve decided to dip my fingers back into minecraft. A few friends that are still playing it have been pestering me with the new prison servers are supposedly pretty addicting so I finally relented and let them drag me back into it. And to be honest it’s the most fun I’ve had in a while. I’m pretty sure I have more than 100 hours played in the last 2 weeks alone, which hasn’t happened since my wow days. I’ve also started up the competitive skyblock challenges again and there are quite a few new tricks that have been added while I was away. Minecraft in general has seemed to be updated more regularly by the server communities with mods and their own creations instead of Mojang. There’s also a version of battle royale now, where you’re dropped on an empty server, save for a few caches and other players and duke it out with them to find out whose the most resourceful and skillful. If i’m completely honest it blows the official server’s survival mode clean of out the water.

If you’ looking for a list of minecraft servers running the skyblock challenge or the prison challenges i wouldn’t go further than this minecraft server list. There’s also plenty of updates and events going on and it seems they’re just getting started, so join us today in minecraft and lets have some fun.