Jungle Island Map


Jungle Island Map

Are you looking for a survival map which focus on extreme places. The thrill of survival is what most of players want to try. The jungle provides players with a great sense of delirious euphoria.

Jungle Island map will be your best selection. Think about it, a map that having a great balance of mysterious adventure and survival combined into one, this Jungle Island map is a perfection that you will not regret!!

Jungle Island brings many different atmospheres, amazing places from underground to sky dungeons, everything is waiting for you to be discovered. Players will get rewarded for exploring. Side quest block is an awesome feature in this map, it involves a story or an adventure, player will have to complete the adventure to take those blocks to its rightful place.

Don't worry, there are many secrets and goodies that will never let you get bored during adventures . Almost players after playing this map were truly impressed by the insane amount of content – the promise of two separate monuments, side-quests, activities, …