Mine 4 Dead Survival Map


Mine 4 Dead Survival Map

Left 4 Dead is one of the most popular games that I'm sure you have heard before. Now, with this Mine 4 Dead Survival Map, the author allows player to join Left 4 Dead in Minecraft. After playing this map, one word I could say “Brilliant”. This custom map is very huge and detailed, looks so familiar just like the real original game.

Because this map is too big, the creator advises players should install some essentials mod for check point teleport in order to respawn after you die. Of course, you can kill those hungry zombie by sword or even gun.

This map allows players to play alone or play with their friends through multi players mode. In this map, beds are safe points so you can spawn back after you die. And if you already have essentials mod, you can teleport to those check points as well.

This Mine 4 Dead map is comes with a custom Left 4 Dead texture pack, would improve the texture and get you more in the mood, we should bring it to you as soon as possible.